Sala Monkey Primary School was founded in 2012 in a small rural village in Kep, Cambodia. 

What started out as an opportunity to teach English lessons in a one room dilapidated schoolhouse has now grown into the construction of our beautiful new dream school.  A modern learning facility set in the middle of the rice fields and farms of our rural village here in Kep, Cambodia.

We currently have 157 students enrolled in our Pre-K through Primary 5 program with one foreign and three local Khmer teachers. We offer academic sessions in the afternoon from 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. from Monday-Friday. Our curriculum is an English based curriculum and has been developed around the highly regarded Singapore National Primary curriculum. 

We teach English language, mathematics, science, creative arts, sport, and citizenship going beyond basic conversation skills. We are opening a whole new world of knowledge to our students and offering them a love for learning! Our goal is to see their entire education through to the completion of grade 12 and assist them in accessing higher education. 

Statistic: 47% of Cambodian students do not finish school. Via: Prudence Foundation

2018 Holiday Campaign - How You Can Help!

PROJECT 2018-2019: Library and Computer Center

We are working to fund a two-story classroom with library/computer center. The classrooms located on the 1st floor will be used for teaching Khmer language as well as a science lab room. The second level will be an entirely devoted to a physical library and computer learning center. 

The library and computer center will be open for the benefit of our young learners from grades kindergarten - grade 5 in the afternoons and for higher education in the evenings. We will provide books in Khmer and English and provide computer training and education to give our students an early competitive edge with 21st century skills! 

We are also evolving in the way we provide education, creating a hybrid learning space for higher education. Enabling students who cannot afford to attend university away from Kep, but who also do not have access to computer resources. Online education is a great way to provide our older students with a free or affordable means of obtaining a university degree. The computer center will also be staffed with advisors and mentors to help the students achieve a high level of success.

How will my donation be used?

  • The construction of our library and computer center will cost approximately $20,000 to build. 
  • $10,000-$15,000 to outfit the classrooms and library/computer center. 



Who Are The Children?  

Our students come to us from in and around our village with the majority of children continuing to live in generational poverty. Our goal is to not only break the cycle of poverty but help to build real sustainable change for the students, their families and the future of Cambodia.


Our Special Partner Mr. Jo Yahich

A special note: We are grateful to have the support of our education partner, Mr. Jo Yahich from Belgium. Jo has been a very gracious and generous education partner in helping us to purchase the land and donating additional funding for construction and school operations along with his friends and family. 

We recently had a visit from Jo and his lovely wife, Maddalena and they were both excited to see the progress that we have made with building and providing exceptional education to the children of Kep.

Support Us! 

We hope that you will consider joining our support team as well and making a donation to help us continue educating the children of Kep and help us strive towards meeting our goal to continue building the school facilities to accommodate an even higher number of students and additional programs.  

We are committed to giving the children the best possible education and opportunities to change their life circumstances through eliminating poverty and uplifting the community through education!


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